What if you could create your story’s roadmap, finally write forward, and feel good about your story’s direction without the doubt?


Imagine getting the story out of your head and onto the page and crafting a strong novel manuscript without spending hours on a complicated outline, unending prep work, or getting it perfect before you even begin. Ready to finally write that novel you’ve been dreaming about? 


So, you’re on a mission to follow your novel writing dreams and tell the story that’s on your heart. You have an inspired idea and are excited to get going.


But you don’t know where to begin (or even what to fix🧐). 

If we’re being honest, you’re starting to get pretty frustrated and wondering if structuring a novel is always going to be this hard.

Nodding along so far? Then I’m so glad you’re here, because you’re definitely in the right place.

You CAN write forward with clarity without having to craft a complicated story outline.

7 Steps to Creating Your Story's Roadmap was created to help you zoom way out and look at the overall structure of your story - specifically its plot - so you can create a roadmap for writing forward.

Get the EXACT framework I walk my clients through in 1:1 coaching, at a fraction of the price! 

In my Mini-Masterclass: 7 Steps to Creating Your Story's Roadmap, you'll get a framework for your story and go from feeling lost to having direction, so you can write forward with clarity and confidence.


You’ll walk away knowing: 

💫The What: The key elements of a 7-Point Story Structure

💫The Why: The reason this roadmap works for all genres and why you need one

💫The How: The method to identifying & shaping your story’s narrative arc


✔️ How to craft your key plot points

✔️ How to create a solid narrative arc

✔️ How to write forward based on your story’s unique roadmap

Ready to learn these tools and get back to writing with clarity and confidence? In 30 powerful minutes, you’ll learn the framework for creating your story’s roadmap. 🚀 Grab access to the class below for only $87. 


”I love the class. I love your enthusiasm and knowledge. I am grateful for finding you!”

- Writing Student