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Map Your Story: 7 Steps to Creating Your Story's Roadmap

✔️ Learn how to identify your story's 7 major plot points

✔️ Understand how to better shape your story's narrative arc 

✔️ Get the framework to crafting your story's custom roadmap in order to help you write forward with clarity and confidence

Amplify Character Story: 4 Steps to Writing a Robust and Relatable Protagonist

Ready to develop a main character that your readers instantly connect with? I’ll show you how to go beyond the surface, *really* get to know your protagonist, and write with more confidence and clarity!

Walk away with the skills to: 

Map out your protagonist's journey – so it flows naturally and keeps readers engaged throughout.

Add rich layers to your characters – so they feel as dynamic and multi-dimensional as real humans.

Hone in on voice and point of view – to create consistent and compelling storytelling from start to finish.

Land on a narration style that works – helping your novel to become a fan favorite!

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